Welcome to the Sponster™ BETA program.

Thank you for your cooperation in our little experiment in personal media sponsorship!

We consider your participation a kind favor and really appreciate your help and patience as Sponster grows and improves.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Bugs. Hopefully not many, but there will likely be a few hiccups as we test key features and scale up the system for large-scale usage. That’s what “BETA” is all about right?
  • Gradual increase in sponsorship offers. Operative word = gradual. We will be working hard to bring more and more advertisers into the 21st century, but it will take a little time.
  • Additional features. We will be releasing into BETA cool new features and technologies for testing like video ads, mobile apps, and social sharing. We’ll keep you updated as these features roll out.

Here’s what not to expect:

  • Payouts. At least not until we start testing that functionality late in the BETA period. During the BETA period, you will be loaning us your attention and effort. If this does not work for you - we get it - just come back later when the payout functionality rolls out. We will notify you, and you can rejoin us then. (In the meantime, if you are willing to help, you can build up a nice balance for later.)
  • Tons of ads. It will take some time for us to “reach scale” (get enough users) and get advertisers to stop wasting their money on traditional “spray-and-pray” media sponsorship.
  • Tons of places to spend your sponsorship balance. During the BETA testing period, we will also be recruiting and partnering with content sites, blogs, and mobile apps to give you a place to spend your sponsorship credits. This process will also take some time, and we will let you know as these partnerships occur. In the meantime, build up that balance!
  • Getting rich. Sponster is not designed to provide a second income. Valuable attention doesn't work that way. We are talking micro-payments here. Great for buying little chunks of content, or tipping your favorite blogger - but don’t quit your day job.