Think you can find your target audience in here?
Good luck with that.

Mass media isn't so mass any more.

For decades, brand advertisers and media buyers have struggled to guess where their target audience's attention will be. Over the years, waste and fraud have become an accepted part of the media budget - just another variable in the formula. Small percentages of legitimate reach are celebrated as "success". It's always been laughable. Today - it's impossible.

Today’s consumers have millions of media choices literally at their finger tips. In this fragmented, on-demand, multi-device landscape, it's impossible to guess where/when/how to find your target's attention. Even the most sophisticated algorithms of the best-funded ad networks cannot keep up.

The first ad platform built for how we really consume media in the 21st century.

Stop sponsoring media.
Start sponsoring people.

Consumers have taken complete control of media consumption and will never again give up that control. Just as media consumption has become personalized, so must media sponsorship.

With this in mind, Sponster delivers the ultimate dream of media buyers - the ability to finally target and sponsor individual people, rather than media as proxies for people.

Sponster removes the guesswork of media placement. Rather than trying to predict into which media properties you should embed your message, you can now attach your message directly to a desired, richly-defined target individual.

You can enjoy a direct, mutually-beneficial sponsorship relationship with your perfect target consumer. Spray-and-pray is dead!

Buy attention directly from the source - your target consumer.


No other ad solution can even come close to delivering the benefits that Sponster and Peronal Media Sponsorship can deliver.



Pay as you go - hit your target or it costs you nothing. You get back any unused funds in your campaign.


Individual-level targeting


Local and geo-targeting

Hit exactly the neighborhoods, communities, or cities you really want using home and work zip codes. Perfect for local advertising.


Multi/cross-device delivery

No need to piece together anonymous clicks across multiple devices. Sponster ads are attached to people via a validated account. No matter what device, the same person, same ads.


Receptive audience

Your audience actually invites your message and appreciates your respect of their attention. Your brand catches them in a good mood, instead of interupting and annoying them.


Front & center attention

Interactions with Sponster apps and adgets require and validate engagement with your message. You know you got their attention.


Your budget, your price

Control your budget for each campaign, including how much you pay per engagement by making a bid that fits your budget.


Frequency control

Set the exact number of times each individual should receive your ad over what period of time. Impossible with traditional broadcast or online media. Natural for Sponster.


No media-buying guesswork

No more trying to guess where to reach your target audience. Your message is attached to a real person - it goes where they go!


Pin-point analytics

You see every click and know exactly how you reached your target. Your data has never been so clear.

Sponsor the media your consumers are really using everyday.

Real praise for real results

“The traffic has been instant, affordable, measurable, and again, very targeted.”

“I quickly set up a very specific ad campaign that is targeted to my exact customer. After I ran my first conservative campaign, I was hooked!”

“An authentic way to advertise. I appreciate what they do as an advertiser probably as much as the consumer does.”

“Far surpassed my greatest expectations.”

“My campaign has just begun, and I have seen a huge rise in traffic to my site. I couldn't be more pleased!”

“With its low initial cost and targeted audience, [Sponster] was an easy choice for us. The campaign met our ROI projections, and we are signing on for another campaign.

“We strive to focus our advertising dollars on very narrow, specifically-chosen groups of people. We've found [Sponster] to be -- hands down -- the best way of doing that.

Sponsor the media your consumers are really using everyday.

Sponster is a perfect cross-device ad solution.

Multi-device reach is solved when ads are attached to people,
not networks, shows, or devices.